Lucy Hocking

Chief Presenter | BBC News


Lucy Hocking


Lucy Hockings is a presenter on BBC News. 2023 saw the launch of Lucy’s new reactive and fast-paced news programme: BBC News Now with Lucy Hockings. In February 2023 she was announced as a chief presenter on the BBC’s news channel – BBC News – which is broadcast in the UK and around the world. Lucy previously anchored BBC News current affairs programme: Live with Lucy Hockings and BBC World News’ daily flagship programme GMT, bringing audiences coverage of breaking news and events from across the globe and interviews with opinion leaders and influencers.

Lucy has covered many of the major news events of the past decade – including the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2022.
Over the years Lucy has interviewed numerous high-profile figures, from presidents and prime ministers to film stars and decision makers. She has anchored major European events on location, bringing live and breaking news from the very heart of the story. Prior to working at the BBC, Lucy was a reporter in her native New Zealand working for TVNZ. She has a degree in journalism from Auckland University.


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