Matt Elsley

Co-Founder | QSic


Matt is a creative thinker which has lead him to directorships in three separate successful companies by the age of 28. While having worked in the Information Technology industry for the past seven years specialising in Point of Sale network design, implementation and support, Matt has a holistic view of large scale systems and network design. Further to his technical background, Matt has proven himself skilled in project management.

"Building a company like QSIC has been amazing. When you set out to change the very concept of what a music solution can and should do for a business, the bar is set very high. But as most commercial music solutions haven’t changed much in the last ten years, we recognised the industry was ready for change.

So we built QSIC. Australasia’s first commercially licensed music streaming service, which can scale at an almost infinite level and utilise just about any Internet enabled device. We pass on these saving in efficiencies through lower prices to our customers. But the real game changer is in Q.SIC’s contextual awareness and something we like to call ‘passive loyalty’.


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