Matthew Blanch

Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee | Humanity Health Group

Matthew Blanch


Matt founded the Youth Advisory Committee at Humanity Health Group to promote client-centred care for young people, advising clinicians who work with complex young clients. He is also the Executive Producer of the If I Only Knew podcast, bridging intergenerational divides and offering a youth perspective on cultural changes. Graduating this year with a Bachelor in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and a Diploma in Sociology, Matt has studied a range of disciplines seeking to explain how society is structured. Matt's own passion for technology and digital spaces has informed much of his study and work, seeking to understand and share how young people actually use technology and how this affects them. He has applied this interest as a consultant for the future of the Metaverse and an advocate for the importance of understanding, not demonising, the use of technology. Of particular interest to Matt is the way video games can be instrumentalised for positive outcomes in young people – rather than a narrative that paints video games as wasteful and destructive, how can we equip young people to play games that help them grow?


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