Mel Ree

Panelist | Independent Creative


Mel Ree trained as an actor, identifies as an eternal dancer, poet and fierce woman. Born in Papua New Guinea to the daughter of a chief, her ancestors sit at the base of her spine spurring her on to tell her story, hoping to spark wildfires within listeners that burn down differences, uniting us in our pain and understanding of this human condition. Mel is a proud member of the Sydney poetry and performance art community featuring at all the major poetry events, Bankstown Poetry Slam, Enough Said Poetry Slam, Slamboree, That Poetry Thing, Sydney Writers Festival etc. as well as hosting and producing Word In Hand, out of which her own performance art initiative ‘Royalle Renegade’ has been birthed.

Mel performs her work at festivals, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Sydney Fringe, Bondi Feast, Batch at Griffin Theatre and others. She is an advocate for art as a healing method and continues to refine and combine other artistic interests, dance, drumming and acting. Mel is a performance coach for young performers, she is passionate about passing on all of her artistic skills to future generations.


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