Mick Wettenhall

Co-Founder & Farmer | Loam Bio & Weemabah Pastoral Co

Mick Wettenhall


From farming in Trangie, bull riding in Canada and travelling to COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco - let us tell you the story of how these three threads weave together to make up the fabric of Mick Wettenhall.

Mick is a trail blazer, story teller and respected leader in the realm of regenerative agriculture. Over his lifetime, Mick has encountered many adventures, opportunities and challenges he has overcome. Mick draws on his wealth of experiences to navigate his current positions as Co-Founder of Loam Bio, Director of Soil C Quest, and as a farmer of Weemabah Pastoral Co. While each of Mick's current roles hold its unique position in his life, all draw upon Mick's dedication for pioneering innovative technologies that bolster soil health and support carbon sequestration in agricultural landscapes.

With a deep-rooted passion for placing agriculture at the forefront of climate change mitigation, Mick's stewardship of Loam Bio and Soil C Quest has been instrumental in advancing carbon sequestration and sustainability in agriculture. His hands-on farming experience at Weemabah Pastoral Co. showcases his determination to implement sustainable practices, making Mick a true advocate for a more sustainable agricultural future.


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