Mike Goldman

Actor, MC and voiceover artist

Mike Goldman


An extraordinary figure in the Australian television landscape, Mike has left an indelible mark on the Big Brother franchise for an impressive two-decade span across the 7, 9, and 10 networks. No other TV host in Australia can boast such a remarkable achievement within the realm of reality TV. Having masterfully helmed and lent his voice to over 1,700 shows, Michael’s dedication is exemplified by his ability to effortlessly navigate five hours of live national TV on certain days. Beyond his television triumphs, Michael’s illustrious career spans a rich 20-year radio journey, wherein he graced the airwaves with his captivating presence on the SCA radio network. His talents have garnered recognition, including a coveted Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Friday Night Live, International Emmy Nominations, and a prestigious Gold Lion for his contributions to The Great Crusade, a captivating endeavour during the Rugby World Cup.

In addition to his hosting prowess, Mike has established himself as a versatile producer, spearheading numerous captivating TV commercials and shows. Notably, he brought to life The Big Bro Show on Channel 7, The Mongol Rally, The Real McCoy, Big Brother Up Late, Friday Night Live, Storm Area 51, and an impressive 100 episodes of the acclaimed On The Mike series. Furthermore, Mike’s creative expertise extended to the theatrical realm, where he produced the immensely popular stage show, Katrina: The Real Wog Wife, the “What Your Mumma Went Through” podcast, among many other notable productions. This diverse portfolio merely scratches the surface of Mike’s boundless contributions to the entertainment industry.


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