Nathan Thompson

Vice President Marketing AU & NZ | Live Nation


Nathan Thompson is an entertainment marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience in the music and innovation industry. He has worked for major companies such as Universal Music, Kobalt Music Group, and Domino Records. Currently, he is Vice President of Marketing at Live Nation Australia where he works with agents and promoters in helping to connect fans to first-class experiences. Nathan is passionate about live music and entertainment, believing it to be a deeply personal and unforgettable experience when shared with like-minded individuals. Throughout his career, Nathan has had many amazing opportunities, such as project managing Australia’s first 3G full track music store, helping establish digital music as a new format with the launch of Apple’s iTunes and Spotify platforms, launching the world’s first virtual goods music merch store on Sony Playstation, working with Spotify UK on their first ever live stream featuring Hot Chip, sharing an espresso martini with Nick Cave, and helping to deliver successful tours for the likes of Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Fleetwood Mac, and U2.


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