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Nicc Johnson


Nicc Johnson is a musicologist & serial entrepreneur who has worked in & around music for the last 21yrs. His personal mission in life is to empower others, and his tool of choice is music

Originally from the Netherlands and raised in Spain, Nicc has been calling Australia home for the last decade. At 16 he became a professional DJ in Ibiza. By 21 he had been able to travel many parts of the world as a touring DJ. In his mid- 20s he would become a resident DJ at the most famous club in the world - Pacha Ibiza - where he would stay for 7yrs. In this time he was also a successful music consultant and would be responsible for curating over 1000’s of curated playlists for clients across Europe & Asia Pacific.

Through these experiences Nicc became eager & passionate to learn more about the psychological & physiological impact music has on the human brain. His interest led him to study Musicology, music theory, audio engineering and music production with a special interest in music etymology and music taste

In 2014 he founded his first tech company called PRSNL.AI dedicated to solving the biggest problem in music streaming, recommendation & personalisation

He invented the AI Music Brain™ & VibeDNA® audio analysis tools that were algorithmically modelled to break down the elements of a song in the way the human brain does

Having experienced Alzheimer’s with his grandmother’s passing, Nicc started a passion project in 2019 to create a music experience for his parents that would become Vera. Both parents are music lovers who stopped listening as they grew older. He wanted to create a music experience that his parents could easily use.
Vera was inspired by his parents with the mission to empower our older generation to age gracefully and remain independent, happy & healthy for as long as possible. Music Health (the company behind Vera) was founded in November 2020 with a mission to empower everyone to manage their own mental wellbeing through the power of music.


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