Oakley Kwon

Board Member | Women in Film and Television (WIFT) Australia



Oakley Kwon is an award winning actor, policy maker and innovator. She is also a film producer who heads up Loom Films, and serves on the Boards of WIFT Australia, Asian Food and Film, and the QLD Community Television Association Inc. She has lead teams as a Director in government agencies across the nation, delivering transformation and change in the areas of legislative policy, organisational performance, and digital innovation systems.

Oakley was a recipient of the Equity Ensemble Award for her role as Diane Tran in the television miniseries, Hungry Ghosts (Matchbox Pictures/NBCU). Her credits include 'When The Sky Was Blue', a short film that won the Screen Producers Award in 2023. It also includes 'Memoir of a Haunting', a short film that was an official selection of Flickerfest, 'Danger Close: Battle of Long Tan', 'Neighbours', 'Bloody Hell', 'Troppo', 'Harrow' and more.

Oakley is passionate about diversity and inclusion across all industries, and regularly speaks on, and writes about the topic of female leadership in male dominated industries, as well as the need for diversity and representation in film and television.


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