Penelope Towney

Warrior / Filmmaker / Change Maker

Penelope Towney


Penelope Larila Towney is a Wiradjuri and Palawa girl who, at the young age of nine, is bringing her passion for culture to people around the world. She’s already making a huge splash in the world of filmmaking and is now the host of the new online kids show Towney Time, which celebrates science, art, gaming, culture, and language.

Penelope was the youngest finalist in the 2023 NSW Women of the Year awards. She is considered to be Australia’s youngest First Nations filmmaker having produced her own film, The Land We’re On, aged just seven, which screened on SBS, NITV and Channel 10 to great acclaim. She wants to inspire kids to start dreaming big and achieving from a young age.

Penelope has always had a strong sense of self from a young age. “Who I am and where I come from means everything to me. We learn many languages at school, but I think it’s really important and respectful to learn the language and customs of the places where we live and learn. Yindyamarra – or respect is mununbidhibaana – very big to me.”


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