Ryan Miller

Head of Customer Success | Cogniss


Ryan is a no-code expert and customer success specialist. Originally from the United States, Ryan moved to Sydney, Australia in 2014, where he now lives and works.

His passion lies in finding solutions to problems and simplifying complex issues. With over five years of client management experience, he has proven success in scaling processes and leading large-scale projects. He is renowned for his strategic thinking, public speaking skills and ability to see things from different perspectives.

A few years ago, he stumbled upon no code and developed a strong interest in it. Within his first three months of working at a no-code agency, he created a mobile app using a popular no-code platform in under two weeks, which later went on to help the founders secure over A$1M in seed funding. While at Cogniss, he and a colleague successfully replicated a leading mental health app using the Cogniss platform in just 12 hours. This app has gone on to become an incredibly effective sales and marketing tool for the Cogniss team.

When Ryan is not working, you can most likely find him in the bush or on the beach pursuing one of his many outdoor hobbies.


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