Scott Brown

Lecturer | UNSW Sydney


Scott Brown


Dr Scott Brown is a Lecturer at UNSW in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, using interactive technologies and human-centred design approaches to work with neurodiverse populations. Based in the School of Art & Design, Scott brings a UX and media arts perspective to inclusive design and assistive technology. His teaching and research practices examine creative implementations of embodied and sensory interaction and the value of accessible technology in eliciting social engagement between people. Scott leads the assistive technology research focus of the Creative Robotics Lab, where he has developed responsive sensory spaces for facilitating conversation between autistic children and their parents and carers. He has also investigated methods of using social robots in therapeutic and educational contexts. Community-led and co-design practice is central to his teaching and research, and he regularly engages with external partners and institutions for both activities. Scott is the inaugural Director of Sector Engagement (Health) in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, developing collaborative opportunities for health researchers with industry, government and the community sector.


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