Simone Leonelli

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Simone Leonelli


Simone Leonelli brings 17 years of experience to the evolving landscape of design, focusing on industrial design, architecture, jewellery and emerging technologies.
Educated at the European Institute of Design in Rome, he has contributed to projects in collaboration with established brands such as Fendi, Bentley and Bugatti.
In addition to his professional work, Simone serves as an educator at institutions like the University of Sydney and Curtin University, where he engages with the academic aspects of the field, particularly in algorithmic design. His exhibitions offer diverse explorations, from 3D-printed fashion to artificial intelligence and virtual spaces in the metaverse.
Simone has been recognized in various competitions and publications, affirming the quality and innovation of his work. In 2018, he expanded his scope to include digital design elements, specifically AI algorithms, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and virtual environments (Metaverse).
He is also the co-founder of NFTSYD and NFTedu, platforms that aim to explore the intersection of art and technology.
These ventures contribute to Sydney's digital landscape by offering new avenues for innovation.
Overall, Simone Leonelli's work represents a comprehensive approach to design that integrates traditional elements with new technological possibilities.
His professional and academic endeavours contribute to the broader dialogue on the future of design and art.


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