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Sophie Scott


Sophie Scott OAM is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker on topics such as preventing burnout, managing your mental well-being during times of change, the science of high-performance habits, and how to use neuroscience to stick to new habits and overcome unwanted ones.

An award-winning journalist and former National Medical Reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sophie now helps tens of thousands of people around the world using evidence-based science and her own personal journey.

She has an extensive presence on social media, has been an invited speaker at the World Congress on Positive Psychology, has written two books (Live a Longer Life (ABC Books) and RoadTesting Happiness (Harper Collins), and has won major awards for her journalism and medical reporting including a prestigious Eureka Award.

She is an Advisory Board Member of the Australian National Mental Health Prize and sits on the advisory board on stigma at Australia’s National Mental Health Commission and the University of Melbourne’s Contemplative Studies Centre.

She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Notre Dame University Medical School lecturing in science communication.

She is an ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia, Pain Australia and is a patient reviewer for the British Medical Journal.

Her talks and workshops help people take better care of their mental health through science-backed techniques so they can build emotional resilience, maximise their potential and thrive at work and at home.


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