Stephen Page

Choreographer, film maker and former artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre

Stephen Page


Stephen Page, Australian choreographer, film director and former dancer, is a respected cultural leader, establishing and nurturing contemporary Indigenous dance into a place of prominence across Australia.

Born in Brisbane, Stephen is a Nunukal/Ngugi Man of Qandamooka Peoples and Munaldjali Man of Yugambeh Nation, South East Queensland. He has had a significant impact on Sydney’s cultural landscape, most notably as Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre. Under his stewardship, Bangarra became a globally renowned dance company, blending contemporary dance with indigenous storytelling.

Stephen is a visionary storyteller, with a passion for connection, acknowledging storytelling as a craft which has long held a place within culture as a tool for people to communicate, identify themselves and the culture to which they belong.

Page's influence extends beyond the stage. His commitment to education and mentorship has nurtured a new generation of indigenous artists, ensuring the continuity of their cultural legacy. His leadership has propelled Sydney to the forefront of contemporary dance, leaving an indelible mark on its cultural tapestry, and inspiring a more inclusive and diverse artistic community.


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