Tanya Accone

Senior Adviser on Innovation | United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Office of Innovation



Tanya Accone’s career has focused on helping international public and private sector organizations amplify their impact through the convergence of people and innovation. She is committed to innovation for social impact as a public good, especially with and for young people. Accone is at the forefront of advocating for and leading ground-breaking initiatives at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). She co-founded the organization’s Global Innovation Centre and has led UNICEF’s work to support more than 100 countries to dream and deliver innovative solutions that have changed the lives of over 280 million children and their communities.? Some of these experiences have been featured in Forbes, Wired and in a number of books including Eat, Sleep, Innovate, Design for Social Innovation, Inclusive Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Aftershock: The World’s Foremost Futurists Reflect on 50 Years of Future Shock - and Look Ahead to the Next 50. Tanya has shared her experiences on stage at events like TedX, SLUSH, VivaTech, InfoShare, SciFest and APF. Prior to joining UNICEF, Accone worked in the private sector. She was part of the team that took The Washington Post?digital and has launched technology businesses across sub-Saharan Africa. She is a Fulbright Fellow.


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