Vivien Chang

Co-founder, Head of Product | Vest Platform



Hey I’m Viv! I'm a first-generation Australian born Taiwanese. I try to live life through the lens of gaming: serious about playing, exploring, leveling up and taking inspiration from others all while having fun within the collective community.

My super power is identifying the genius in others, seeing people as their whole selves. I understand how to bring people together and get shit done in the digital ventures space.

As a first-time mother, I experienced a complete rebirth of my identity – who I am, what I stand for and how I want to live. This season has been humbling, igniting a fire deep within to be relentless in designing the life I desire and break through the limiting glass ceilings. I want to understand, nurture and build resilience – for myself, for teams, and ultimately to teach my daughter.

I am building Vest Platform to bring all parts of me – work, family and play all in the same frame. I wish to create a safe space in which everyone can come together to accelerate the ideas that move the world forward, in sustainable ways, all while being paid to be who you are.

Obsessed with feedback loops, we’re currently validating: *Interest-based communities: strategically aligned networks enabling founders to seek capital on tap (v0.5 product built and currently gathering data from 6 communities) * As founders of our own lives: dialing up personalised compensation packages, diversifying our income and investment streams to build wealth *Systematically measuring understated values such as kindness and benevolence because work shouldn’t just be about achieving KPIs at the expense of others *Working out how to make equity feel more like cash where you understand the value and can cash out at any time

If you want to get involved on any of the above, have questions or thoughts, let’s connect! Drop me a message, email or book a call:


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