Wendy Zukerman

Wendy Zukerman


Wendy Zukerman has been a science journalist for over a decade, reporting on everything from octopus intelligence to superbugs. She regularly appears on radio, podcasts and television to give the goss on scientific breakthroughs and facts around the newest fads. Wendy started her career as the Australasian Correspondent for New Scientist Magazine and then went to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In 2015, something happened that changed Wendy’s life forever. And that something was Gwyneth Paltrow. By now Gwyneth had become an overnight health guru. And she had a bold proposal: She wanted women to steam clean their vaginas. Wendy was shocked that someone could promote such an uninformed idea, and that people would believe it (!). At around the same time the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where Wendy worked, asked her if she had any ideas for a podcast. She said, “How about Science Vs Gwyneth Paltrow?”

And so, the podcast Science Vs was born. Its goal was simple: finding out what's fact, what's not and what is somewhere in between. The show and Wendy came to Gimlet in 2016 --- debuting that year as America's Number 1 podcast. Since then, Science Vs has continued to grow - ratcheting up millions of downloads. Today the show is made by a team of 5 who all have backgrounds in science; reporting on the science that affects us all - from Skin Care and Ketamine; to Blue Balls and Pit Bulls.

Science Vs' reporting on the coronavirus pandemic won gold in audio reporting from the American Association for the Advancement of Science Kavli Science Journalism Awards. Science Vs has also been praised in The New York Times, LA Times, The Atlantic, Popular Science, Wired and BBC. We are produced by Spotify Studios.

Wendy's Tiktok: @wendyzukerman
Science Vs Instagram: @science_vs


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