Yasmin London

Director of Digital Wellbeing, APAC at Qoria | Qoria

Yasmin London


Yasmin London is a communication powerhouse igniting social change through education and courageous conversations.

As the Director of Digital Wellbeing APAC at Qoria, Yasmin educates and empowers young people, school communities, parents & guardians on the ways they can utilise technology for good, and to promote and enhance the digital wellbeing and online safety journey for all Australians.

Her dynamic background as a World Champion Athlete and Police Officer are the backbone of Yasmin’s growth mindset and resilience. They serve as invaluable experiences that have positively influenced her day-to-day achievements through ySafe, and it’s parent company, Qoria.

Yasmin is a masterful communicator, and her ability to read people, deliver positive outcomes and problem solve for the greater good is something she is well known for. Yasmin's courage-fuelled approach to life makes her a refreshing and unparalleled voice on the speaking circuit. Her charismatic nature, trailblazing attitude and high standard of excellence, are what engage people from all walks of life.

Aside from being widely recognised as Australia’s ‘Dancing Cop’, she’s written for Kidspot, NineHoney, appeared on Channel 9 Today and the Weekend Today Show; and was the co-founder of REELise, Australia’s first youth based film festival, which helps young people share their thoughts and experiences of the online world through pocket film making.

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