Zach Kitschke

Chief Marketing Officer | Canva


Zach Kitschke is the global CMO for Canva, an online visual communication and collaboration platform with a mission to empower the whole world to design.

Since launching in 2013, Canva has grown to over 110 million users each month with more than 15 billion designs created. Individual creators, small businesses, teams and the Fortune 500 are embracing the power of design, photos, collaboration features, videos and even sound to cut through the noise and achieve their goals using Canva. Zach joined Canva as employee #5 in 2013 and has worked across a variety of roles touching on product management, communications and human resources before establishing and growing the company’s global marketing function. Zach oversees Canva’s international brand and growth efforts, overseeing teams ranging from product marketing to PR and communications, affiliate and performance marketing, content marketing, SEO, brand marketing, creative development, advertising and product growth.

In recent years, Zach has been given top CMO honors as one of Forbes' Most Entrepreneurial CMOs and Business Insider's Most Innovative CMOs and is a frequent media source and thought contributor on key industry topics.


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